Welcome to Saidia


Welcome to Saidia, the sine qua non mediteranean destination.

Perfectly located on the plains of Trfa, Saidia offers the longest beach of the Moroccan Mediteranean sea, 14 km of white sandy beach that undoubtedly makes it ithe blue pearl of the Mediteranean.

Sea, mountains and desert draw the horizons of the region. Located near the mouth of the River Moulouya which is classified as a site of biological and ecological interest for the richness of its fauna and flora.

The Chafarinas Islands, the sand dunes shining the wild beaches with their crystal clear waters, the holm oaks and the thuyas of the Beni Snassen mountains as well as the gorges and caves of the Zegzel valley, the desert and the palm grove of Figuig; are so many reasons to discover the sumptuous landscapes of the Oriental region.

In Saïdia, temperatures are ideally between 27 and 30 degrees. Even the chergui, a continental wind that usually raises temperatures, is here tempered by the breath of the sea winds, adding more nuance to the poetry of the city. Moreover, the real name of Saïdia is Ajroud, which means "poetry" in Amazigh.

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