Article 1

The 2019 Moto Ride is open to anyone over 18 years old.

Article 2

The MOTO RIDE 2019 will run from 19.04.19 to 21.04.19, firm and final dates in Saïdia.

Article 3

The event takes effect, actually 19.04.19 after check in at the hotel in Saïdia and ends after check out of the hotel later at 16h on 21.04.19.

Article 4

To participate in the 2nd MOTO RIDE of 2019:

  • 1- Participants will have to fill out their registration form on the website
  • 2- the participants will have to choose their lodging formula
  • 3- The participants will have to confirm their participation by returning the registration form and the payment.

To be valid, the final registration form must be accompanied by the amount of the participation..

Article 5


  • Valid driver's license
  • Vehicle registration
  • Vehicle insurance

Article 6


  • Helmet
  • Boots
  • Gloves
  • Jacket and pants with protection

This equipment must be worn at the start. The technical team may refuse the departure in case of absence of one of these equipments.
Failure to observe this basic safety rules will result in the exclusion of the offender

Autonomy: participants will have to plan their fuel autonomy.
Any advertising, other than that of clubs and associations, on machines is prohibited.

Article 7

The technical and administrative checks (insurance, registration, permit) will be made at the meeting points (hospitality stand of your choice), 19.04.19. They are obligatory, the organization will forbid access to the event, without compensation if they are not done.

Article 8

Your participation offers you:

  • Accommodation in all inclusive,
  • Access to various animations and spaces.

Article 9

Under no circumstances can the organization be held responsible for the theft or mischief that may be exercised against the participants during the MOTO RIDE.

Article 10

The participants will have to respect:

  • The rules of decency, courtesy to the population and respect for nature (fauna and flora).
  • The Highway Code and road legislation,
  • Rules of good conduct and mastery.

The MOTO RIDE will take place on the roads and highways of the East. The pilot is solely responsible civilly during the ride bike.

Article 11

The mere fact of causing a bodily injury to a third party, or the non-respect of one of the articles of the regulation, could, in case of proven responsibility of the participant and after examination by the organization, lead to his exclusion from the bike ride without that he can claim the least compensation.

Article 12

Exclusion of the ride bike will result in the removal of all benefits and freebies reserved for participants.

Article 13

During the gala dinner, trophies and certificates of participation will be given to participants.

Article 14

Any cancellation of participation received before 15.03.2019 will be refunded. After this date and for whatever reason, no refund will be made. (Everyone can take out a special cancellation insurance with the specialized insurance company of their choice)

Article 15

The mere fact of registering or participating automatically entails the unreserved acceptance of these rules.

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