Eco-friendly Charter

Saïdia concerned about her ecology

As part of sustainable development, the Saïdia station carries out many actions, such as:

  • Reception of disadvantaged children from neighboring douars by a group of trained and motivated teachers.
  • The preservation of the dune cordon of the beaches.
  • The organization of guided tours of SIBE.
  • The "Blue Flag" label of the beach and the marina.
  • The organization of the collection of the dangerous waste of the boats.
  • Cleaning of contaminated areas with waste.
  • The development of beaches with removable premises (sanitary blocks, infirmary, local civil protection, ...).
  • The fixation of dune sand by soft techniques.
  • Reducing the carbon footprint.
  • The promotion of soft mobility by the provision of rental bicycles and the development of a soft mobility network in own site.
  • The promotion of electric mobility.
  • Integrated and concerted control against the proliferation of mosquitoes.
  • Strengthening the gravity drainage system of flood waters.
  • Sensitization of local actors to the properties of ornamental plants.
  • Landscape development using endogenous plants with low water consumption.
  • Improving the energy performance of buildings.

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